• sustainability
  • local development
  • vision
  • strategy
  • regional landscape environment
  • city
  • governance
  • participation
  • multidisciplinary
  • leadership

The Eco-Polis International Master in environmental and regional policies for sustainability in local development is an itinerant program for advanced multidisciplinary training.

Eco-Polis, through the integration of a wide range of specialized fields, is designed to teach the most innovative knowledge and techniques related to the themes of sustainability and local development.

As Edgar Morin wrote, “important problems are always complex and are often full of contradictions.  As a result, one needs to address them globally, with various types of knowledge that should be well integrated” (Edgar Morin, Towards a Study of Humankind, Meltemi, Rome, 2000, first French edition, 1965).

The name of the Master program, Eco-Polis, itself synthesizes the cultural, scientific and training objectives of merging economic and ecological factors (“eco”) with urban and regional policies (“polis”), the environment and landscape. The strategic vision of Eco-Polis is oriented towards supplying the tools to pursue economic, physical, and social development that is ecologically oriented and incorporates democratic participation in the articulation of the processes, the definition of the planning tools, and the implementation of final policies.

The variety of means and methods through which the student’s program experience unfolds are what make Eco-Polis a training program unique in the world:

  • 9 universities cooperating between Italy and Latin America;
  • Instructors from 15 other universities for lectures and workshops;
  • Additional participation by technical experts, professionals, public officials, politicians, business owners, and NGOs.
  • Case study workshops with professors and tutors applying multidisciplinary group working methods on real-world projects